The Flexi Table and Bed is designed to maximize a small space by converting from a functional table to a comfortable three levelled bunk bed in just 90 seconds, it’s a simple contemporary solution to an age old problem for many, finding enough space under one roof to live eat and sleep. It’s ideal for residence of shacks for emergency refuge shelters or displaced people in high density dwellings.

Flexi table and bed is easy and quick to assemble, to use as table simply screw the four legs into the bottom and middle frame in just a few minutes. Then to convert into a three levelled bunk bed lift the table surface one side at a time and pull out the legs, use the handle to slide out the bottom level and 90 seconds later you have three comfortable sleeping surfaces, each level caters for a standard single bed mattress with a frame length of 1.9m and a width of 920mm, the total height is 1.35m, making it ideal for a low level dwellings, the unit includes a ladder and a rail guard which is screwed on to either side of the top frame, a fire extinguisher is included in this innovation a vital safety measure to prevent runaway fires, injury or loss of life.

Flexi Table and Bed is the ideal solution for large families living in small homes refuges or groups of people sharing confined spaces. Flexi Table and Bed a unique life changing and proudly South African invention.

Flexi Table/Triple Bunk Bed The Flexi Table/Triple Bunk Bed is our flagship product. It defines where we are coming from, who we are, and where we are going. The design spectacularly combines flexible living with practical