Flexi Table/Triple Bunk Bed

The Flexi Table/Triple Bunk Bed is our flagship product. It defines where we are coming from, who we are, and where we are going. The design spectacularly combines flexible living with practicality, comfort and modern appeal.

Folded down it allows you to utilize your home to its full capacity, acting as a large table for the entire family to eat, play and work. The true magic starts when night falls. Raising the table top reveals the essence of the Flexi Table/Triple Bunk Bed, folding out with ease to a three level bunk bed sleeping 3 to 6 persons. This is done by simply angling the top frame and sliding out the hidden legs one side at a time. We have placed plenty of research at developing a product that is safe, affordable and effortless to use


Table Flexi Double Bunk Bed

As the newest addition to our product range the Table Flexi Double Bunk Bed stands out uniquely from the rest. Another product designed to combine the living essentials of a table with the necessities of a bed it distinguishes itself from the Flexi Table/Triple Bunk Bed.

Two legs underneath either side of the table can be used to add extra height. This is as simple as tilting the table slightly and sliding out the extra feet. The ground-breaking Flexi design ensures that the legs will remain in position for added safety. Briefly attaching a rail guard, ladder and platform transform the table from a vibrant hub for family and friends to a roomy two level bunk bed.


Triple Bunk Bed

Our most sought after product holds its head high over its siblings. It is our tallest design, featuring spacious sleeping over three levels. The inspiration to the Triple Bunk Bed is found while admiring the variety and depth of South African culture. Often large groups of people are seen sharing their living spaces with one another. Now we have the solution for a harmonious growth of this African rooted social setting.

Without any adjustments needing to be made once it is assembled in mere minutes, we take great care in giving you a product that is sturdy and remains durable.

Single Bed

What makes this Single Bed better than the rest is simple. The production process ensures that this Single Bed will stick with you for a long time. However, it is the pricing that makes this an attractive option for anyone needing a bed frame. Without cutting corners it is our interest in humanity that has led us to strive for an affordable solution to the ever increasing population growth. Robust, affordable and smart are what come to mind when thinking of our Single Bed. It might not offer bells and whistles, but certainly a good night’s sleep

Flexi Econo Mattress

Our Econo range mattress is developed to go hand in hand with any of our products, having been sized for a perfect fit. Its generous thickness will guarantee a comfortable rest so you feel fresh and ready to take on the challenges of a new day